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A Valentine's Day Guide to buying your loved one lingerie…

Emily Colley

A gentlemans gift guide

valentines day


The contemporary gentlemen wants to see their loved one in lingerie for valentines day, and the best way to do that is to buy the delicate, beautiful unique pieces for her yourself. Our designer Emily Colley, answers questions on everything when buying luxury lingerie and has created this ‘Guide to buying lingerie’ to ensure you have the best chance of surprising your loved one as we understand selecting and purchasing lingerie can be a daunting task.

1.     How do I figure out her bra/underwear size?

You are not alone when you don’t know your loved ones lingerie size. Sizing can be complicated to understand and gentlemen don’t often like to ask. However, one of the most important aspects of choosing lingerie is the size. Lingerie that is a poor fit can cause discomfort and a odd appearance under clothes.

If you feel comfortable to do so, find a few bras and pairs of knickers that your loved one may have in her draw and jot down the size on the small label. For a bra this will say ‘34b’ for example and for underwear the label should say ‘ XS, or 8’. With these sizes it is most likely that this is accurate. We have a sizing guide on our website which explains different sizing for lingerie and nightwear with different conversions for a wide variety of countries. When purchasing via our online boutique each size can be selected individually. 


The cups of our creations are adapted to the cup B& C predominantly, which are the most common. If your lady has a smaller or deeper cup, or it is very small or tall, we advise you to opt for a on-measure customised order, or send us an enquiry form so we can advise where you can choose the cup & the length of the garment .

2.     What style of lingerie do I buy?

When buying lingerie, it is important to know all the options. There are see-through bras, full coverage bras, and a range of cami tops. There are many different kinds of underwear such as thong, hipster, high waisted, and skirt underwear. There are one piece outfits such as teddies, vests, nightgowns, and baby doll tops all of which come in different styles and colour ways.

Discovering her style – which of the below describes her taste in day-to-day wear? We have placed an image of pieces from our boutique under each.

- Likes comfortable, easy to wear pieces that are elegant


- Wears bold, statement clothing


- Loves daring, exotic, revealing clothing


- Enjoys wearing delicate, refined and classic clothing


- Has a passion for vintage, loves one of a kind pieces

Amara sets-03.jpg


It is often the case that her style can be defined from the above. If you are really unsure then a refined, classic piece with colour is often a lovely choice.

3.     Why is it important to chose lingerie with a good fit?

A well-constructed underwire bra is essential. The shape and contours of a woman are so specific that in order to get a well fitting bra, it needs to be constructed with the utmost quality. Exclusive, designer brands really are the best, as the sizing has been expertly calculated. The lingerie industry hasn't really grown the way the ready-to-wear industry has, and there aren't that many factories that can make a well fitting bra.  At Aemilia Luxurious couture lingerie & loungewear we specialise in beautifully handcrafted garments created from fine silk & Chantilly lace, stitched in the designer’s English workshop.

The classic heritage of elegant vintage styling & historic dressmaking is combined with creativity & traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by the elegance, decadence & international influences of the 1920’s & 1930’s in France.The new collection is synonymous with delicate touches & intricate details showcasing true craftsmanship & technique throughout. The classic styles within this collection are refined, yet contemporary with beautifully designed silhouettes for sizes 6-26.

4.     What can I guarantee buying from Aemilia?

Each designer collection is researched & developed carefully, sourcing only the most beautiful fabrics & trims, creating ladies silk satin lingerie & sleepwear for the new season. We create the most desirable; elegant pieces which co-ordinate from range to range each season, with a distinguishable style across lingerie, silk underwear, slip dresses, kimonos,robes, nightgowns, nightwear, pyjamas, sleepwear, accessories & bridal lingerie. Creation, exclusiveness and contemporary silhouettes for women of all sizes is the ethos of the brand. We pride ourselves in exceptional quality and fit, ensuring that all sizes are catered for, enabling the client to feel beautifully feminine & confident.

We also offer bespoke, custom requests & personalisation to our clients, enabling customers to explore a diverse range of exclusive materials & trims for sizes 6-26 available in petite, regular & tall lengths.

5.     Is there an occasion for the luxury lingerie or loungewear?

Ask yourself, where do you intend on the lingerie to be seen? Will there be a romantic get- away or a special occasion for valentines? For each occasion, a different set of lingerie is required. Everyday lingerie can be worn for everyday situations such as work, a weekend at home, or when visiting parents. During a date, a more sexy lingerie set can be worn. To spice up a relationship, there are many different lingerie outfits designed to make bedroom time more interesting.

Do you want to buy something that you’d like to see your loved one in or something you are sure she would be comfortable in? If so, this gift needs to be beautifully, luxurious and special. Therefore, would you require a set? We have illustrated some examples of sets below of lingerie and loungewear that we have recommended.



To view these sets within our online boutique, and more please explore here

6.  Would you like a bespoke or custom request?

We specialise in one a kind pieces, which ensure that the fit is exquisite, designing & making every For our most particular clients, we offer a Bespoke experience tailor made to your requirements whatever they may be. Please get in touch via the form below if you have an idea of something you would like us to create either from the current collection or a new creation. We can create current collections in a specific size or colour colourway, design new styles and exclusive capsule collections, or create made-to-measure couture lingerie & designer nightwear in the style, colour and fabric of choice.

custom and bespoke requests

In addition at AEMILIA we offer personalisation and customisation to our products. This means that your initials, name or a monogram can be embroidered onto the surface of your product. Gentlemen often add this as a special extra to show that you have brought something unique.

7.     Buying online and return policies...

Purchasing women's lingerie online is a great option. Not only are the style selections much larger, but the anonymity of the experience makes many women and men more comfortable with the idea of purchasing sexy lingerie. Our Online boutique make sizing and prices clearly available and easy to use to facilitate the purchase process.

When buying lingerie online it is important to know the store's return policies. If an item does not fit or is damaged in some way then it is important to know if you can send it back and if there are any additional charges. Many sites list their return policies clearly on their website. Avoid sites that do not allow returns of any kind.

8.     Do I need anything else?

If you feel that you would like to make the gift more complete these are some additional pieces to consider…

1.     silk eye mask

silk eye mask

2.     lingerie bag

luxury lingerie bag

In addition if you a creating a ‘look’ we may advise a few key pieces with the accompaniment of a luxury robe or kimono for example. We have illustrated some examples below.

Amara printed Kimono and Rouge lingerie set

Amara printed Kimono and Rouge lingerie set

Amara luxury slip and robe

Amara luxury slip and robe


9.   Do I need to get luxury packing?

At Aemilia, we take care of everything. Each item of ladies lingerie, sleepwear, nightwear & robes ordered are delicately hand pressed & checked before being beautifully packaged in one of our Aemilia branded signature boxes with acid free white tissue paper & placed into the bespoke box. Each package will contain a look book for that season so you will be able to view in your own leisure other garments within the collection, finished with a luxurious bow.In addition, when you order online you can add a note to state this order is for a gift and a personalied note can be added within the gift box.


If you any further assistance please contact us.